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The Interactive Geometric Database uses Java servlet technology and a JDBC module with PostgreSQL as the DBMS for a collection of manifolds. These are stored only in terms of a metric or set of basis vectors along with constraints and referencing data. This information is processed interactively through GRTensorJ, a Java interface to GRTensorII, which in turn runs on Maple. The program TTH is used to translate TEX into HTML.

This is a free* service designed as an aide for both research and teaching. It may be used only on the condition that it is acknowledged that we accept no liability for software performance, continued maintenance, or damage to data.

Development has been funded in part by grants to Kayll Lake from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Mustapha Ishak was supported in part by OGSST and OGS scholarships.

*Use of this database for the purposes of commercial enterprise is forbidden.
    Maple © Waterloo Maple Software
    Java © Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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