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Background Motivation
This is an interactive database of geometric objects (not restricted to 4 dimensions) in the general area of differential geometry. Database objects include, but are not restricted to, exact solutions of Einstein's field equations. The database is designed for researchers (and teachers) in applied mathematics, physics and related fields. The flexible search environment allows the database to be useful over a wide spectrum of interests, for example, from practical considerations of neutron star models in astrophysics to abstract classification schemes.

i)  Search the database and mark the record(s) of interest.

ii)  Load the calculator from the Home Page.

iii)  Click "Load/Select" in the calculator.

iv)  Click "Load Marked Manifold(s) from Database".

The tagged manifolds will appear as choices under Load/Select. Click on the manifold you wish to examine. This manifold is now loaded into the calculator.

Please read the Explanations and Help files in the calculator.

It is especially important to note that if a manifold is represented with constraints (e.g Kruskal - Szekeres) then the constraints (under "Simplifications") must be applied, otherwise you are not working with your selected manifold!

There are two forms of input into the database: Public Input, and Private Input. All public input is refereed. Private input is password protected and reserved for maintenance and internal operations. The List-All option is for private usage.

If you run into trouble please contact us.
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